01 December 2010

About My Blog

Those who read my blogs and posts are probably those who are related to the education field. As a humble beginner, I welcome all of you to my blog. This blog exists initially because as an assignment in my post graduate course. I dabbled on a few topics which I feel would be useful for me and beneficial to those who read my posts. Progress has been slow because I couldn't really connect to my previous post attempts. It took me three whole weeks (and a friendly reminder from my lecturer :-)) to actually come up with a blog which is close to my heart.

So here it is, my blog about anything I feel that is useful and beneficial for people like us (I mean educators alike). I believe IT and technology have played a tremendous part in making life easier, quicker and more efficient. Through my course of work I have stumbled upon, introduced to or discovered tools, websites, gadgets etc which made me more productive.

Some of you might have come across some of them but allow me to share them anyways. Perhaps some of you would find them useful. Most of them are available on the world wide web at no cost at all.

Feel free to roam around my posts and please share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section.

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