19 January 2011

Video Chat via Facebook

Here's a step by step process on how to be able to have a video chat with your on-line friends...

Windows XP/Win7/Mac
Internet Browsers :Internet Explorer/Firefox/Chrome/Safari

Let's begin..

1.       Assuming that you have logged in Facebook, type “video chat rounds” in the search box as shown in the picture above.

2.       The Video Chat Rounds application requires your permission. Click 'allow'.

3.       Choose ‘Allow’ on the Adobe Flash Player Setting popup window.  
Tick ‘remember’ if you do not wish to be asked about the setting again in the future.

4.       Enter the name of your friend that you wish to call. 
Note that only friends that have installed the Video Chat Rounds application 
will be available once they are on-line. Click on your friend’s avatar to call him or her.

5.       The application is waiting for your friend to accept your call request.

6.       Congratulations! Your video call is in commence.